Vol. XXI · No. 5 · Series No. 220 · May 2011


Tip of the White Hat

This month the "Tip of the White Hat" goes out to Karen Hibdon of the Ventura County Star Newpaper who wrote a very complimentary article on the Trail Riders of the West. She and a photographer came out to one of our April meetings and interviewed some of our members. If you missed the article, you can view it by CLICKING HERE! Thanks Karen!


19th - Nancy Hilton
23rd - Sharon Carter
30th - Pat “Stoney” Bosquet
30th - Doris “7½” Lauter

Have you seen your birthday celebrated in our newsletter? If not, please e-mail us at:


Or drop a note to The Trail Riders at 1218 Alexander Street, Simi Valley, CA 93065.


All Trail Rider meetings begin around 3:00 pm on the first and third Thursday of the month and are over when they're over.
A donation of $2.00 per person is requested to help pay for the snacks and sodas.

“Miss” Teresa invites all ladies of the Trail Riders to come and enjoy and watch great western movies.

Thursday, May 5th

“Miss” Teresa's Paradise Island

Thursday, May 19th

“Miss” Teresa's Paradise Island

Howdy Pardner


Trail Rider Chuck “Preacher” Edmonson has written a couple of great western books and is offering a special price of $10 each to all his fellow Trail Riders.

"Peacemaker of the Pecos"

William Hart is a family man with a hidden past. When a greedy and ruthless land baron hires gunmen to murder the town sheriff and take over the county, Will embarks on a mission for justice-a mission that could cost him more than his life. From the West Texas frontier in the 1870s, this is a story of courage, friendship and family love.

"Prodical of the Pecos"

Clint Cooper returns home after many years to find the land of his birth embroiled in a bitter and deadly land war. An Eastern powerbroker, bent on fencing off the West Texas range for his own profit, hires gunslingers to bully the local ranchers and farmers into submission. As the Pecos River runs red with the blood of the innocent, Cooper emerges to make a stand, determined to keep his faith and his family intact-or die trying.

Contact "Preacher" at:

PO Box 1902
Poulsbo, WA 98370-0280.


"You can't keep trouble from visitin' - but you don't have to offer it a chair."


We have a few of the Trail Riders of the West
brass belt buckles available.

They have the Trail Riders logo, are very attractive
and are priced at only $22 each.

We don't plan to order any more after these are gone.
So... get 'em while you can!

CLICK HERE to order your genuine
Trail Riders of the West belt buckle.

Trail Riders Belt Buckle


We've lost touch with a number of our Trail Rider members. Some have moved to other states, some just haven't kept in touch. We would really like to know what has been happening in your lives. Send us an email or give us a call to let us know how you're doing.

We would also like to update our records so please give us your present address and phone number and your email address so we can contact you regarding any Trail Rider activity.

You can reach us by telephone at (805) 579-8945 or drop a note to The Trail Riders, 1218 Alexander Street, Simi Valley, CA 93065 or send an email to trailridersofthewest@gmail.com. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Oh yes, one other thing, any and all news is appreciated and welcome at all times and... if you have any photographs for us to put on this website, please send them in JPEG, GIF or PNG format to us at our email address:



Don “Dusty” Maiers

  Forgot to mention in the last newsletter that during our annual St. Patrick's Day celebration at Tom Corrigan's Restaurant in Thousand Oaks, Rick "Texas Red" Tucker came all the way from his ranch in Texas and was in town to provide the entertainment. Everyone had a wonderful time as always and our host Tom Corrigan looked really good after losing some of that extra poundage he put on during the last couple of years.

  Speaking of putting on weight, I'm up to about 205 myself but I'm getting more strength everyday and everyday I'm feeling better and better. Thanks for all your prayers and good wishes during the past year or so. It feels great to be "back in the saddle" again.


This month we are really excited to welcome three new members to the Trail Riders of the West.

John "Irish Cowboy" Gore
Bob "Buffalo Bob" Rickards
Rick "Rawhide" Beal

It's great to have you with us boys, and we anxiously await meeting and greeting you all in person at our Trail Rider meetings.

I guess that's about all for now. Will try to keep you posted as to the happenings around here.

Happy Trails and Warm Campfires!