2002 Newsletters



Vol. X11 No.IV Series No.137
December 2002

Tip of the White Hat

To Bud Buster for having all the information on our new Associate Membership fully detailed on our web site before the ink was dry on our newsletter. We had two fellow Western Film buckaroos signed up as new club members before our November newsletter was mailed and received by our membership and friends.

Rocky Bob, Dusty and Miss Charleen, Chatsworth and Miss Carla, Golden Grizz, Chester and Miss Kitty, Big Casino and Flaming Star and Buck and Shotgun Jo tip their hats to Miss Teresa, Miss Marge and Paniola for organizing a marvelous Christmas Party all enjoyed this past December 11th.

Music of the Holidays welcomed all to Paniola's and Miss Teresa's beautifully decorated home and this Trail Rider had a hard time joining the party as I did not want to quit enjoying Paniola's "A Gage" electric train that circled the home's beautifully decorated tree. An evening of Holiday treats and lots of fixings to create your own sub sandwiches filled all attending. The night was one of friendship in a relaxed atmosphere created by Paniola and Miss Teresa. No one was in a rush to have it end. Thanks for all your planning which made a special evening for us.


Welcome to the Trail Riders guys and your membership cards and belt buckles are on the way. "Buckshot" and "Chito", we look forward to your active participation in the club via our web site or by mail. Donn J. "Buckshot" Moyer rides the range up in Tacoma, Washington and Bob "Chito" Chancey rides back East in Jefferson, New Hampshire. Tis great you are with us and hopefully someday we can visit, enjoy a good barbee, a movie together and get to know one another better and be able to put a face and a memory to our and your handles. Glad you are with us Buckshot and Chito!

IOWA SAYS That birthday are good for you, because the more you have, the longer you live.


15th - Wilma "Hiyawilma" Irvine

29th - Mrs. Bobbi Farrell

Have you seen your birthday celebrated in our newsletter? If not, please call Buck at (1-805)522-8472 or write to: Jack R. Harding, 1053 Erringer Road, Simi Valley, CA. 93065. Don't be bashful as we do not list the year of your birth. Hee


Jan 15th - Popcorn and a movie at Buck's

Feb 05th - Snacks and a movie at Paniola's

Golden Grizz will be picking up plastic bottles and soda cans at both meetings for the club's recycling program. Thanks for your contributions guys.


I am real excited about Buckshot and Chito joining us thru our web site, and I'm looking forward as other join us. This computer age just amazes me in what the club can do. For instance, Rocky Bob and Bud Buster logged in on a web site and presented me the movie lists of two of my favorite "Saturday Matinee Western" character actors: Mr. Tom London and Mr. Bud Osborne. You know Mr. London was in 520 movies from 1915 to 1966. Wow! No wonder we all recognized him whenever he appeared in a movie we were watching Huh? And, you know what? Mr. Bud Osborn has two movies more as he was in 522 movies from 1912 to 1966!! What a rich resource the computer is and thru the coming year you will be reading about some very exciting news on programs the Trail Riders will have on their web site, thanks to Bud Buster and "The Trail Riders of the West" membership who are dedicated that the Western films and the actors who made them are celebrated.

Warm Campfires:

Jack R. Harding
1053 Erringer Road
Simi Valley, CA 93065
(805) 522-8472

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours from Dusty, Stoney, Golden Grizz, Paniola, Rocky Bob, Bud Buster and Buck!


Vol. X11 No.VIII Series No.136
November 2002

Tip of the White Hat

To Bud Buster and Chester for all their work in designing our web page and an extra tip to Bud for keeping the "site" current and all of its pages interesting. Thanks guys!

To "Miss" Marge and "Miss" Teresa for organizing our holiday party and getting all our holiday activities enjoying each others company.


The directory listing for our web site is trailridersofthewest.org and yep it is supposed to have all the letters written in lower case and the words all bunched together. Writing like that has taken me quite awhile to get used to, but to our web master Bud Buster, all comes natural and our web site is a busy one as readers all over the world log on to read about our club's values and interest.

Listening to Bud talk about the web site and hearing that many of the messages left ask how they can become members of the club has excited the active members into discussing such a membership and to set up guidelines which were approved and voted upon this past month.

The members joining our web site will be designated as "Associate Member" in our membership directory. They will be required to send a check or other in the amount of $27.00 for which they will receive a monthly newsletter and a Trail Rider of the West brass belt buckle. Check should be made to: Trail Riders of the West and mailed to:

Dusty Maiers
1218 Alexander St.
Simi Valley, CA. 93065

Becoming an "Associate Member" is as simple as logging on to our web site, printing out the application, listing name, address, city, state/country, zip code, phone number & web site address on the application page.

Space is also provided on the page for listing the "handle" you wish to be addressed as, a short list of favorite white hat heroes, sidekicks, villains and character actors, plus, complete a short paragraph telling us a little about you. It's that simple and welcome to the Trail Riders. We look forward to talking with you thru our newsletter and our web site and yours.

Happy December Birthdays

5th - "Tujunga" David Finnin

6th - "Bud Buster" Bud Reeves

9th - "Colorado" Dick Oakes

31st - "Dusty" Don Maier

Have you seen your birthday celebrated in our newsletter? If not, please call Buck at
(805) 522-8472 or write to:

Jack R. Harding
1053 Erringer Road
Simi Valley, CA 93065

Happy Holidays

Thanks to "Miss" Marge and " Miss" Teresa and Paniola the Trail Riders are going to celebrate the holidays at "Miss" Teresa's and Paniola's home on Wednesday December 11th. The party will be held from 7:30 p.m. to 9:30p.m. with arrivals welcomed as early as 7:00 p.m.. A buffet style dinner will be served and there will be a gift exchange. The party is planned to accommodate 25 to 30 people so we recommend that if you would like to attend that you call either:

"Miss" Teresa at (805) 526-7437
"Miss" Marge at (805) 522-5948

no later then December the 2nd. As the party is being catered there is a $5.00 charge per person and a small exchange gift costing around $5.00. Looking forward to being with you on the evening of December 11th.


Nov 20th - Popcorn and a movie at Buck's

Dec 4th - Snacks and a movie at Paniola's

Dec 11th - Holiday party at Paniola's

The Trail Riders will not be meeting on December 18th or on January 2nd due to the holidays. The club will return to regular meeting schedule on January 15th, 2003 at Buck's.


Our regular columns on news with in the Trail Riders, Iowa's Column and news on Western Film interest and activities will return in our December issue. Until then Dusty, Stoney, Golden Grizz, Paniola, Rocky Bob, Bud Buster and Buck wish you and your's a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Jack "Buck" Harding
1053 Erringer Road
Simi Valley CA 93065
(805) 522-8472


Vol. X11 No.VIII Series No.135
October 2002

Tip of the White Hat

To Stoney and Paniola for getting out to the Camp Rotary area of Corriganville Park early on October 2nd and giving everything a good cleaning for the nights event, to Rockey Bob for guiding all attending back to where the meeting was being held and to all who stayed and aided in cleaning the area as good as Stoney and Paniola had prepared it. Plus a special tip to Mr. Rick Johnson for permitting us to hold an event after the normal hours for the park to be open and enjoyed the evening eith us along with Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Jolley who are the caretakers.

To Grill Master Golden Grizz for grilling the big delicious hamburgers that Rocky Bob provided, to Paniola, Panamint and Chester for filling the buffet table with great tasting garden salad, baked beans and potato salad, plus to Chester and Jerri for the marvelous desserts and to Gene Hilary, Mark Wannamaker and Trooper Tyree for providing all the sodas and ice. Plus hot coffee, tea or hot chocolate and to Dusty for providing all the charcoal!

What A Night!

There were sixteen of us enjoying the cool, crisp October night on the grounds of the old Corriganville Movie Ranch as the Trail Riders held their first non-meeting event and, as always, at special club meetings, there was no lack of laughter and plenty of good food to eat. After dinner, Senior and Administrative Assistant and Public Information Coordinator for the Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District, Mr. Rick Johnson spoke of the campaign that the Park District is doing to have the Motion Picture Industry begin using the grounds of Corriganville for filming again. During his presentation he handed out big envelopes to all attending full of information folders, brochures and books on what the park district has available for the Motion Picture Industry. Needless to say, Trail Riders Chester, Golden Grizz and Miss Marge, Gene Hilary, Mark Wannamaker, Panamint, Lone Pine and Chestnut, Roger and Jerri Nichodemus, Paniola and Miss Teresa, Rocky Bob, Trooper Tyree, plus Buck and Shotgun Jo were very impressed with the Park District's campaign and applauded joyfully and loudly thanking Mr. Johnson for his presentation.

After Mr. Johnson's presentation, the lights were dimmed and Paniola lowered his big movie screen, turned on his projector and treated us all to his movie print of "The Three Outlaws" that we all soon realized was filmed at Corriganville. What a treat!

November Birthdays!

7th - "Mister" Tommy Farrell

7th - "Miss Kitty" Rose Brown

17th - "Big Casino" Pat Nelson

19th - "Cowboy" Tom Ratican

24th - "Hyco Kid" Michael Lair

26th - "Iowa" Bob Owens

Have you seen your birthday celebrated in our newsletter? If not, please call Buck at (805) 522-8472 or write to Jack R. Harding, 1053 Erringer Road, Simi Valley, CA 93065. Don't be bashful as we do not list year of birth. Hee

Associate Cowboys

Bud Buster reports that our website is receiving more attention plus inquiries on how they can become members of the Trail Riders of the West. I find these inquiries most exciting as do my fellow active members and we are now discussing on setting up associate memberships. I am looking forward to announcing this new membership in an up coming newsletter soon and on our website as well.

Coming Events

Oct 16th - Popcorn and Sodas at Bucks

Nov 6th - Treats and Sodas at Paniolas

Nov 20th - Popcorn and Sodas at Bucks

The Trail Riders meet the first and third Wednesdays of each month. Meetings begin at 7:30 pm and dismiss around 9:30 pm. Seating is limited but arrangements can always be made at Paniola's meeting. Please call Buck at (805) 522-8472 for attendance information and directions on how to get to Paniola's spread and we're looking forward to enjoying a good Saturday Matinee Western with you Wednesday night!

Iowa says that times sure have changed as it seems as if people are now known thru the press and TV news by the company they run and embezzle from."

This and That

Golden Grizz announced that he recently read that Columbia Pictures have had second thoughts on Tonto being portrayed by an actress in their soon to be produced "Lone Ranger" movie, and have signed an actor to portray the role. Hooray!!

Smokey Mountain Knife Works is having a closing out sale on their Saturday Western Movie novelty pocket knives as long as supplies last. Knives are priced at $4.99 to $12.99 plus displays are available. Order information is available at 1-(800) 251-9306.

At Corrigan night, Roger Nichodemus, Shotgun Jo and Buck discovered that they all were from Ashland Ohio, a small town in the north central section of the state. Small world!

Mr. & Mrs. Tommy Farrell and others at the Motion Picture Home have started a Saturday Matinee Western Club that meets bi-weekly. The club already has around 30 members and Mr. Farrell said that at many meetings actors/actresses attending have worked in the movies being shown and added to the meeting by sharing their memories of working on the film. Sounds like great fun.

Rounding Up

We wish you warm campfires till our next issue when we will write more about our associate membership. Memories of attending the Lone Pine Film Festival and the Beverly Garland Collector's Show, plus other activities. Have a great month!



Vol. XIV No.VII Series No.134
September 2002

Tip of the White Hat

A big tip of the white hat to Trail Rider Rocky Bob for his dedication to have overlooked Saturday western heroes honored by the Golden Boot nomination committee by providing several honoring suggestions.

A big tip of the white hat gratefully goes out to Mr. Paul Harper a good friend of the Trail Riders who went and talked to the management of the Sportman's Lodge upon our call to him on the rumor that the lodge was up for sale. Within 24 hours Mr. Harper returned our call saying the rumor was false and that management of the lodge told him that business is strong and constant in all its departments and that will continue for many years to come. We thank you for being the good man that you are Mr. Harper and believe you deserve more than our tip of the white hat being footprinted in the Iverson floor courtyard by us in 1997.

Corriganville Park

Our event at Corriganville Park is now just several weeks away and excitement is growing as the club will be enjoying their first barbeque and potluck dinner with a movie at the park. Seating and parking are limited in the camp rotary area and reservations on attending are requested to be made by September 25th. Contact Buck at (805) 522-8472 any day after 2 p.m. on attending and what you will be bringing for the potluck dinner. The club suggests that all dress warmly as early October can get chilly in the Santa Susana Pass area and darkness will be coming earlier too. Sure hope somebody will be bringing all the fixin's for hot chocolate, coffee and tea.

Golden Boot Activities

Mr. and Mrs. Kelo Henderson, Mr. Jon Locke, Ms. Peggy Stewart, Mr. Neil Summers and Ms. Donna Martell were among the many celebrities who attended the Western Artist Katie West's "Art Fest" held at the Sportsman's Lodge on the Thursday before the Golden Boot Awards. Trail Riders Dusty, Chester, Jeff and Alice Sutherland and Paniola enjoyed meeting and talking with all attending and seeing first hand the artistry of Ms. Katie West. We have learned this past week that Ms. Katie West enjoyed the night so much that she has reserved the back patio to hold an "Art Fest" again next year. Ya-Hoo!

Trail Riders Dusty, Chester, Paniola, Jeff and Alice Sutherland, Slick and Sidekick were among the nearly 2000 people who attended Mr. Jim Roberts' annual "Pre-Golden Boot Party" held on Friday night at the Sportsman's Lodge. All met many friends made thru attending previous pre-boot and enjoyed being treated to Mr. Herb Jeffries joining the band on stage and singing a few songs. All stated that his voice is as golden as ever.

No "Home Range" Trail Riders attended this year's Golden Boot Awards as 20 actors were honored including Trail Rider Donna Martell. Sorry the club was not represented at your marvelous moment when you were presented your award Trail Rider, and thankful that Slick, Sidekick, Jeff and Alice Sutherland were just outside the hall to congratulate and interview you earlier for Jeff's Northern California television program.

Golden Boot Awards

Sidekick wrote in her column last month all who were receiving the Golden Boot Award at this year's presentations and this past week Trail Rider Rocky Bob shocked me with a partial list of Western Film Heroes who never received one while living or have their family received on posthumously. As I read the names of Mr. Johnny Mack Brown, Mr. Dick Foran, Colonel Tim McCoy, Mr. George O'Brien and Mr. Jimmy Wakely, to just name a few.

October Birthdays!

5th - Marilyn Pierson

8th - J.D. Juesgen

10th - Carla Iverson

10th - Bob Walter

22nd - Betty Williamson

29th - Bob "Golden Grizz" Schenk

ATTENTION e-mail Trail Riders

Paniola is considering updating the Trail Riders of the West Directory and would like to include e-mail addresses for all the members who have computers. Please provide Paniola your e-mail address by contacting him at phillipse@sbcglobal.net.


Bud Buster reports that more and more fellow Saturday matinee buckaroos are clicking onto our website and that many have requested on how they can become a member of the Trail Riders of the West. The club's active members find these requests very exciting and are considering answers on having national and worldwide membership thru the club's website. Plans being discussed are to have membership cards made and special club logo lapel pins. No monthly or annual dues will be assessed to the new club members and ideas of holding contests and adding space to print submitted articles are also being considered. Needless to say, they are looking forward to seeing reaction to the club's website membership once presented and join us in remembering those thrilling Saturdays of yester year and having fun with contests, quizzes and tournaments on our website.

October Event Calendar

Oct 2nd - Barbeque and Potluck Dinner at Corriganville Park

Oct 16th - Popcorn, soda and a movie at "Buck's Bar 20"

Nov 6th - Treats, soda and a movie at Paniola's

Iowa asks,
"Have you ever noticed that bills travel through the mail at twice the speed of checks?"

This and That

We have sadly learned that the annual foot printing ceremonies will not be held at the Iverson Movie Location Ranch this year. We hope they will return in the spring or fall of 2003.

The Simi Valley Star Newspaper recently reported that Mr. & Mrs. Roy Rogers' 67 acre ranch has been sold to an Orange County businessman who plans to renovate the property and open the Double R Bar Ranch to the public after the Rogers' Museum has moved to Branson.

Have you heard that Columbia Pictures will be producing a new Lone Ranger movie and that an ACTRESS will portray Tonto?

Trail Riders Kelo and Gail Henderson wrote that they had a grand time as they attended this year's Tombstone Film Festival.

Trail Riders Mr. & Mrs. Tommy Farrell recently enjoyed the showing of Mr. Farrell's serial, Son of Geronimo in the Louis B. Mayer Theater at the Motion Picture Home with family and friends.

Stoney reports that he stumbled across a website out of Australia while surfing that specializes in TV Western serials and episodes and he is now working gathering information on the site for all of us to read in an upcoming Trail Writer Newsletter.

Rounding Up

This has been an exciting newsletter to write and publish with all the Golden Boot news, the clubs upcoming event at Corriganville Park, website membership being added to the club and electronic addresses becoming a part of a new club directory. Fun! Wishing all who will be attending the Lone Pine Film Festival a grand old time and looking forward to hearing all about your weekend when you get back. You can reach me by mail or talking wire as this buckaroo has not entered the computer age.

Oh, one last thing... do you know that Mr. Paul Harper is the only member of the main cast in Magnificent Seven that has not received a Golden Boot Award? Go get 'em Rocky Bob.

Warm Campfires,

Jack "Buck" Harding
1053 Erringer Road
Simi Valley, CA 93065
(805) 522-8472


Vol. XIII No.VI Series No.133
August 2002

Tip of the White Hat

A big tip of the white hat to Dusty for his "Old Geezers" commentary that was added to last months newsletter that had all agreeing with its message and spurred others to consider contributing to our newsletter. We gladly welcome "Iowa" Bob Owens to this issue & future ones.

We're Going to Corriganville Park

The active Trail Riders have been in contact with Mr. Rick Johnson of Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District on the club having a Bar-B-Q and a potluck dinner in the Camp Rotary area of the park on Wednesday, October 2, 2002 - and was approved. We have use of the shelter house for the Bar-B-Q and potluck dinner from 7:30 to 9:30 pm. After dinner, Mr. Johnson will bring us up to date on the progress of the park's improvements and on ones in the planning. Then Paniola will show a 16mm print of a movie filmed at Corriganville. All this will make for a great evening, and if you would like to attend, please place your reservation by writing or calling Buck. Attendance is limited and car pooling is encouraged. A list of dishes, drinks and supplies for the potluck for you to advise what you will bring for dinner will be in next month's issue along with information for how many will be attending and enjoying our night at Corriganville Park. Please call or write Buck to place your reservation. His address and phone number are listed at the end of this newsletter.


Cardinal Restaurant Supply has been purchased by another firm which only does business with restaurants and no longer with non-profit groups which means we have lost our supplier of Sioux City Sarsaparilla, "The Best in the West". If you know of a restaurant supplier that carries Sioux City Sarsaparilla and will do business with non-profit groups, please contact Buck so the Trail Riders can get in touch with them and get back to enjoying the best sarsaparilla in the west. Buck's address and phone number appear at the end of this newsletter. Thanks for scouting Trail Riders and advising us.

Iowa says; "When you get a headache you should follow the instruction on the asprin bottle by taking just two tablets and keep away from children."

Good News

We have received marvelous health and progress reports this past month from Golden Grizz, "Miss" Marge, Durango and Calamity Jane that they are feeling better and are receiving care making their days better. That is good news and a card or note from you will have them even feeling better.

A Treasure Uncovered

A 124 year old billboard poster was recently uncovered in New York, advertising Buffalo Bill appearing in a theatrical drama. The 26 by 10 foot poster was discovered as workers were removing a building's brick wall. Preservation work quickly began to preserve the poster as none were known to exist until this discovery. Exciting huh? You bet! And we thank "Iowa" for sending us a newspaper clipping about the find.

Happy September Birthdays!

14th - John "Chester" Brown

18th - "Miss" Laneil Ehrheart

20th - "Mister" Dave Bracken

21st - "Miss" Chris McIlvain

Coming Meeting Dates and Events

August 21st - Movies and Popcorn at Buck's

September 4th - Movies and Popcorn at Paniola's

September 18th - Movies and Popcorn at Buck's

October 2nd - Bar-B-Q & Movie at Corriganville Park

This and That

Paniola and "Miss" Teresa traveled over 7000 miles on their recent trip back East and enjoyed seeing the country, family and old and dear friends.

Stoney and "Miss" Mina also recently enjoyed a nearly 1000 mile trip visiting family here on the West coast.

Cowboy called to say he has received inquiries about casting for his movie mentioned in last months newsletter from the LA area and as far east as Virginia, which sure perked up his spirits from///as a wild fire was nearing the canyon where he lives.

Iowa reports that a $40 million theme park is going to be built in Branson Missouri titled Celebration City and that the Rogers' family will be building the Roy Rogers & Dale Evans Museum near by, featuring cowboy and western heritage exhibits and a performance auditorium.

Say Carolina, does Ms. Larue have carry-out from her annual Bar-B-Q held soon at her home?

Thanks for the great pictures of "Lone Ranger Rock" for our website Rocky Bob for all to see by logging on to trailridersofthewest.org.

And Wow! Did Mr. Autry and all his riders have the walls shaking at Paniola's this past Wednesday as they stopped all the black hats.

Rounding Up

The big Golden Boot Awards weekend has been going on as I've been writing up this newsletter and I've been keeping notes so I'll be able to fill you in on what all went on in our next issue. I'm especially excited about this year's awards as Trail Rider Donna Martell received her much deserved Golden Boot at this year's event.

Sidekick Column

Howdy Trail Riders - Yes, it's Slick and Sidekick back on the trail again. This time we've met up with all the folks at Jim Roberts Roundup and the Golden Boot Awards.

Hitched up the Conestoga Wagon and picked up Gabby (Dale Park and his lovely wife Laura) and Mary Cox and headed west to the Sportsman's Lodge. Upon arriving there were lots of people for us to greet. This is a yearly event and some of these folks we only see once a year. Trail Riders Chester, Paniola, Dusty, former Trail Rider Jeff Sutherland and Alice along with honored members Peggy Stewart, Lois Hall, Donna Martell, Tommy Farrell and Bobbi, Kelo Henderson and Gail, Herb Jeffries and Savannah and Neil Summers. This year the Roundup dedicated to John Agar and John Mitchum. There was lots of entertainment and of course, Buffalo Burgers and all headed back to the ranches to bed down for the evening, but headed out again the next day to meet up with Jeff and Alice Sutherland at Merv Griffin's Beverly Hilton Hotel for the 20th Annual Golden Boot Awards. There were 20 honorees this year. They were; Bruce Dern, Peter Fonda, David Huddleston, Whitey Hughes, Ruta Lee, Stuart Whitman, Ron Soble, Peter Brown, Robert Colbert, Roy Huggins, Will Hutchins, William T. Orr, Marsha Hunt, Donna Martell, Marion Shilling, Ruth Terry, Gloria Winters, Earl Bellany, Ted Post, and William Whitney. After setting up the camera for Jeff's Star Talk - we got 17 great interviews. Sure was a great weekend. Looking forward to next year.


Thanks Sidekick, and warm campfires to ya Trail Riders and don't forget to share this issue with your lady so she will know what is going on and coming up in the club.


Jack "Buck" Harding
1053 Erringer Road
Simi Valley, CA 93065
(805) 522-8472


Vol. XIII No.V Series No.132
July 2002

Tip of the White Hat

A big tip o the white hat to Colorado for sharing a video print of Ray "Crash" Corrigan's documentary on his movie location ranch titled "The Corriganville Story" that he obtained thru an auction on "e-Bay" with Stoney.

Another tip to Stoney for making his copy available to be shown at a Trail Rider meeting and to Paniola for changing his meeting plans for all attending to watch the rare "The Corriganville Story."

Thanks for a marvelous meeting Trail Riders and all the smiles that came with the enjoyment.

Give a Smile Back

Stoney has learned that Trail Rider Dick Oakes (Colorado) has just endured a second operation on his left shoulder within a week and knowing what it's like after an operation, I know a get well card and note of thanks for "The Corriganville Story" sure would perk Colorado up and give him a smile or visit his website at: phantomranch.net and send him an e-mail. He'll sure like hearing from you.

And So Would Durango

I have learned this past week that Durango is now home resting after undergoing cancer surgery. Mail your best get well wishes to: Trail Rider Tim McIlvain, Alta Loma, CA 91701.

You Want To Be In A Movie?

Trail Rider Cowboy is casting for a western short he will be filming. Drop him a line at Trail Rider Tom Ratican, Caliente, CA 93518.

How True, How True

Thanks to Trail Rider Frank Story's article about Saturday matinee westerns and the sidekicks who rode with the white hat heroes. In the article Mr. Markin quotes Mrs. Grace Bows saying, "All George had to do was take his teeth out and he was Gabby!" Hee. What a marvelous quote as is the statement that Mr. Markin wrote in closing the article: "When we were at the movies as kids the 'Republic Eagle' was as famous as the 'MGM Lion'". Isn't that great? Yep!

My Records Still Intact

Once again I missed more answers that I got right in a Bronco Billy's contest. The correct answers to his latest quiz were (1) Champ (2) Randolph Scott (3) Silver (4) Rod Cameron (5) Bob Baker's horse Apache and (6) Fred Scott's horse White Dust. Congratulations to Chief Michael Kane for being one of the four winners in this contest. Way to go Trail Rider!!

Chief Michael Kane writes that he had a marvelous time attending this year's Memphis Film Festival as he watched some of the 83 movies shown and had a wonderful time meeting and talking with western leading lady Ms. Marion Schilling.

The Hyco Kid may soon have a series of short stories on how he kept the legendary west safe for women, children and puppies released thru The Old West Shop.

Midnight Wacker Lou Baker is now calling Henderson Nevada home and is busy heading a movement to stop the transporting of atomic waste across the United States to be stockpiled in Yucca Mountain Nevada near Henderson and Las Vegas.

Foreman Marge Heig is now enjoying looking over at her neighbors pasture as he now has several beautiful Appaloosa horses pasturing there.

Trail Riders Texas Red and "Miss" Julie are enjoying riding their horses BeBop and Blaze in the hills and valley areas in back of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.

Happy August Birthdays!

18th - "Miss" Marge Schenk

25th - Bill "Panamint Slim" Ehrheart

You sure have Johnny Mack feeling like he just had the best birthday ever with the terrific belt buckle you made for him, Iowa!

What A Good Western To Watch

Stoney has been enjoying marvelous quality videos he's been ordering thru Timeless Video and suggests contacting them for a catalog by writing to them or call them at (805)843-3690. Videos are $9.99 except for Hopalong Cassidy's at $12.99. Wild Bill Elliot and Rex Allen's are $14.99 each. Stoney states that every fifth video is free.

Coming Trail Rider Meetings

July 17th - "Buck's Bar 20"

August 7th - "Paniola's"

August 21st - "Buck's Bar 20"

Rounding Up

I don't have a computer so I can't "key up" our website that Bud Buster takes such good care of and hope all of you with computers do check out trailridersofthewest.org several times a month as the copy is always changing. Thanks to all who checked in with me this past month by writing and a special thanks to Trail Rider Kelo Henderson for sending me the article in "The Ridgecrest Daily Independent" newspaper on Mr. Henderson's 1972 meeting with then Vice-President Richard M. Nixon, complete with a 4 X 6 photo with the two men together with the Vice-President admiring Mr. Henderson's Colt 45 pistol that he used in his TV series "26 Men" which ran on the "ABC Network" between 1957 and 1959. Finally, a big congratulations to all who will be honored at this year's "Golden Boot Awards" and we'll be telling you about them as several are Trail Riders and others are friends to the club.

Warm Campfires,



Vol. XII No.IV Series No.131
June 2002

Tip of the White Hat

To "Rocky Bob" Sobecki for traveling 116 miles round trip each time he attends a Trail Rider meeting at Paniola's and he hasn't missed one since I have been able to attend meetings there thanks to Stoney.

To Dusty and Miss Charleen for hosting Buck's May 19th Trail Rider meeting on just 24 hour notice at their ranch.

To "Bronco Billy" for dedicating and filling his "Western Appreciation Club" newsletter entirely with pictures, tid bites and memories of Mr. John Agar. Slick and Sidekick represented the Trail Riders at Mr. Agar's funeral service and were deeply touched with the full Military Honor and 21 gun salute he was given.

What happened to June?

June has been a good month and we'll be writing about all the Trail Rider activities that have taken place during the month. We have just jumped ahead a month in labeling our newsletter "Happy Birthday Announcement Column" list so those who send out cards will not be sending them late.

Happy July Birthdays!

1st - Edwin "Chatsworth" Iverson

2nd - Rick "Texas Red" Tucker

20th - Curt "Slick" Pierson

23rd - "John Wayne" Williamson

Thanks to all who sent in their birthday dates this past month but many are still missing from our list. Please take a minute now and send your birthday date to: Jack "Buck" Harding, 1053 Erringer Road, Simi Valley, CA 93065. Thanks. We have learned that the Williamson's have moved somewhere by Newport Beach but do not have an address, if you know their new address, please mail it to Buck so club files can be updated. Thanks.

Trail Riders of the West. Org

Bud Buster continues to keep our Web Site up to date with club news and happenings within the western movie community plus collectible items that the club has for sale such as posters of Mr. Eddie Dean for $25.00 and the miniature "Lone Ranger" lunch boxes by Paniola for $6.50. All prices include shipping and handling. If you are unable to order via the Web Site you can order by writing to Jack "Buck" Harding, make checks payable to him and allow 10 days for delivery.

Welcome Home!

All the Trail Riders sure enjoyed their latest meeting at Paniola's as he shared stories, memories and momentos of his and "Miss" Teresa's nearly 4 week vacation trip that covered close to 7900 miles across the United States. He stated they traveled thru a lot of rain and thankfully missed the harsh weather the Northern and Eastern states were having in May. We were all glad for that and smiled upon learning that Buckaroo Mike Royer is all settled in snug and warm in his new home up in Oregon. We all enjoyed the Pennsylvania potato chips, pretzels and brew he served all attending his June 5th meeting. Paniola and "Miss" Theresa sure enjoyed having Chatsworth and "Miss" Carla's company at their meeting, thanks to Golden Grizz. We are all happy to learn from Grizz that "Miss" Marge is home and recuperating well from her recent surgery but is bored. If you would like to brighten up her day by sending a card or note, her address is: Marge Schenk, 4373 Avenida Simi, Simi Valley, CA 93063. I know she will enjoy hearing from you.

Coming Meetings

June 19th - "Buck's"

July 3rd - "Paniola's"

July 17th - "Buck's"

All meetings start around 7:30 pm and close around 9:30 pm. Seating is limited at "Buck's" but guests are encouraged to attend meetings at Paniola's with "Miss" Teresa inviting all the ladies to attend also "and we'll talk while the guys watch their movies". Paniola showed Fred Scott's "Fighting Deputy" at his past meeting and a TV episode of "Dusty's Trail" starring Bob Denver and Forrest Tucker. Both were great fun and made even more enjoyable with Chatsworth and "Miss" Carla attending as both features were filmed in or near the "Iverson Movie Location Ranch" in the Santa Susanna pass area.

Iverson Movie Ranch Area News

The Simi Valley Rotary Club, the Kiwanis and members from the Rancho Simi Park District recently uncovered, on a recent volunteer clean up day held by the Park District, shards of bright yellow railroad china used by the railroad during the early 1900's. They were discarded from trains near the Rocky Point area in the Santa Susanna Pass.

The Rotary Club of Simi Valley recently planted 62 trees at Camp Rotary located in Corriganville Park to provide shade when grown for children attending the camp. They plan to plant 50 more trees later at the entrance to Corriganville Park.

The Corriganville Preservation Committee has a scale model of "Corriganville's Silvertown Movie Set" on display at the Strathern Historical Park and Museum in Simi Valley. The model was made by Ron Williams in 1995 and is complete in every detail and is a joy to see and study as I have several times.

Rounding Up

Buckaroo Milo Holt sure organized a meeting this past month that the membership of his "Old Time Western Film Club" will long remember as he had the Rocky River Cowboys Band entertaining along with the Rooster Chester Gun Fighters staging a gunfight, before and after movies were shown and browsing the memorabilia show...

The Tootsie Railroad will long remember Buckaroo George Coan's Old Cowboy picture show Buckaroos recently holding a meeting there...

Buckaroo Hyco Kid has been elected a congressman in a movie being filmed in Virginia...

Wild Bill Wilkinson is shooting mad because the Warner Bros. TV Westerns were recently discontinued on the good life network...

Bronco Billy really had all of here busy completing his Western Appreciation Club naming singing cowboys with pictures of their famous and trusty horses...

Slick and Sidekick have joined the Victorville Rock and Gem Club and Sidekick captured first place with her chocolate chip cookies baking entry at the county fair...

Trail Rider Ms. Donna Martell writes she sure is enjoying meeting so many wonderful people as she attends Western Film Collector Shows all across the country...

And I thank all you Trail Riders and Buckaroos who brighten up my recent Birthday. Tis good to be another year older and to learn thru Carolina's wisdom - That's sure is great that wrinkles do not hurt.

Warm Campfires,



Vol. XII No.III Series No.130
May 2002

We dedicate this issue to the memory of Trail Rider Mr. John Agar. We will be sadly missing his company, his interest in the club and his smile. God Bless.

We start our third issue of our newsletter with a big "Tip of the White Hat" to Golden Grizz for his recycling work to finance the publishing and distribution of our newsletter. Thanks Trail Rider!

More From Bronco Billy

Bronco Billy Cameron of "The Western Film Appreciation Club" up in Edmonton Canada sent down a list of "silly" answers to the clubs recent Western movie survey. Some of them were: Lionel Barrymore as "Best Action Star", Billy Barty as "Best Fighter", Red Ryder as "Best Rider" and "Best Stuntman" was listed on one ballot as Victor McLaglen stunting for Shirley Temple! Hee Hee. Those answers sure sharpen the wit of Mr. Pat Buttram, don't they? Thanks for sending the laughs to us Bronco Billy!


Bud Buster has been busy keeping the club's web site full of information such as the terrific posters of Mr. Eddie Dean that were exclusively drawn for the Trail Riders by Mr. Max Harrison and Lone Ranger miniature lunch boxed obtained by Paniola as "General Mills" discontinued their "60th" annniversary association with the Lone Ranger promotion. The colorful tin boxes are just $6.50 each and that includes shipping and handling. Paniola has set the price low on the boxes because he was upset by the packaging. Many boxes were slightly scratched in transit. If you are like me and cannot order via the internet, and would like to purchase some of the Lone Ranger miniature lunch boxes, just write to me: Jack "Buck" Harding, 1053 Erringer Road, Simi Valley, CA 93065, and I'll see that Paniola receives your order. Please make your checks payable to Ed Phillips.

Happy May Birthdays

19th Nancy Hilton

23rd - Sharon Carter

25th - Buck Harding

30th - Doris ("7 1/2") Lauter

30th - Stoney Bousquet

Thanks to all who sent in their birthday dates, but many are still missing from our list. Please take a minute and send your birthday to: Jack "Buck" Harding, 1053 Erringer Road, Simi Valley, CA 93065, or e-mail the information by clicking on: TRAIL RIDERS OF THE WEST. Thanks!

News in the Club

The Trail Riders enjoyed watching Gene Autry's "Saddle Pals" and "Tumbling Tumbleweeds" at Paniola's last two meetings, and Wild Bill Elliott's "The Last Bandit" at Buck's plus an old sing along cartoon which, thankfully, none of the Trail Riders sang along.

We were happy to have had Bob Sobecki, Ron Weaver, Roger and Jerri Nichodemus join us at our meetings this past month and "Miss" Teresa sure enjoyed "Miss" Marge's company. We hope more will join us and enjoy a good Matinee Western on Paniola's big 7 foot by 7 screen. We'd like guests at meetings at Buck's too, but, there is only seating for six in his living room. Sorry, no pizza is served at Buck's either. Hee Hee.

Coming Meetings

June 5th - Paniola's

June 19th - Buck's

July 3rd - Paniola's

July 17th - Buck's

All meetings start around 7:30 pm and close around 9:30 pm. "Miss" Theresa invites all the ladies of the Trail Riders attending to come over and we'll talk while the guys watch their movies.

A Great Weekend

Paniola, Dusty, Bob, Ron, Roger and Jerri gave glowing reports of the good time they enjoyed at this year's "End of Trail" "S.A.S.S." event that benefits the Roy Rogers/Dale Evans Children Charities.


An old west extravaganza is going to be held in Apple Valley over the 4th of July weekend celebrating the life and contributions of Roy Rogers. Call (760)240-4700) for details.

King's Western Wear is now carrying affordable shirts in the tradition of Nudie and Manuel and looks great at Dusty wore on to a club meeting. Shirts are available at King's Western Wear.

Dusty reports that Hugh O'Brian is having a big fund raiser for his charities as he celebrates his 72nd birthday at his ranch in "Malibu" with many celebrities scheduled to attend.

The Joel McCrea family has donated 60 acres to the "Conejo Recreation and Park District" that will help the land in its natural habitat.

Durango will NOT be moving to Northern California after his May 28th retirement from "The City of Thousand Oaks". Hooray!

Dusty's note: J.D. is up and traveling after his successful surgery. He and "Miss" Sandy stopped by the OK Corral for an hour and a half to catch us up to date on their moving and surgery.

Texas Red and "Miss" Julie are now proud horse owners and riders...

Congratulations To

Johnny Mack Flannigan for being appointed to the Board of Directors of "The Niles Historical Film Society", Howdy Hollywood! Howdy Foreman Marge! Keep up your studies on trees, "Cowboy" and finally, welcome home Paniola and "Miss" Teresa, from your driving and sight seeing trip as you vacation with family in Pennsylvania.

Well that is all for issue 130 but there is always more about the Trail Riders on our web site. Wishing everyone a happy "Memorial Day" weekend and we'll be back with issue 131 the week of June 15th. If you have some item of interest for all receiving our newsletter, please take a moment and write it down and mail to: Jack "Buck" Harding, or give me a call at (805) 522-8472. Thanks.

Warm Campfires,



Vol. XII No.II Series No.129
April 2002

There is no better way to start our second issue of the Trail Riders newsletter than to give a well deserved "Tip of the White Hat" to Don and Charleen for making the club's monthly newsletter possible. Thru all their work in its publication, distribution and early financing. Thanks Dusty and "Miss" Charleen from all your fellow members of the Trail Riders Family.

A big "Tip of the White Hat" goes out to Bud Buster for all the work he has done to improve the club's website, and he says he has more planned. Exciting!! Thanks, Trail Rider!

Thank the Trail Riders!!

That's the words that "Bronco Billy" Cameron of the "Western Film Appreciation Club" said to me in a recent phone call after receiving so many stories from members for their Major Western Survey. Bronco stated that the survey results had John Wayne as favorite actor, Maureen O'Hara for favorite actress, Walter Brennen as favorite supporting actor, Ben Johnson as best rider and the most voted for favorite "A" western movie as "Shane". All the selections are mighty hard to disagree with as all are very deserving for the marvelous film portrayals they gave us.


Congratulations go out to Dusty and Chief Michael Caine for being presented treasured western film memorabilia from Bronco Billy for their entries being drawn in the club's appreciation drawing. Those presentations were great, thank you, Bronco. Well done!

Happy April Birthdays

12th - Ed "Paniola" Phillips

19th - "Miss" Nancy Hilton Mills

25th - Jack "Buck" Harding

30th - Miss Doris ("7 1/2") Lauter

30th - Pat "Stoney" Bousquet

Help!!! The club's master birthday list cannot be found and we would greatly appreciate all the Trail Rider family members sending in their birth dates so all of us can celebrate with them. Please send your card, note or letter to: Jack "Buck" Harding, 1053 Erringer Road, Simi Valley, CA 93065, or e-mail the information by clicking on: TRAIL RIDERS OF THE WEST. Thanks!

One of the exciting columns you will read on the Trail Rider's webpage is the sale of copies of the club's Eddie Dean Posters that were drawn exclusively for the club with the permission of Mr. Dean and drawn by Mr. Max Harrison. They are available for just $25 and the few autographed prints can be had for $100. Both prices include shipping and handling. If you do not have a computer and would like to order a poster, just write to me and I'll see that one is shipped to you. Make checks payable to Trail Riders of the West.

News in the Club

Paniola has learned that General Mills has discontinued their 60th anniversary association with the Lone Ranger special package. We thank Paniola, Texas Red and Boyd Magers for advising us early on the promotion in his "Western Clippings" newsletter so we could order and receive two cases of the promotional memorabilia, thanks to Texas Red...

The Gene Autry Western Museum in not charging admission to view the displays on Thursdays.

There is talk of a Corriganville Reunion to be held at Corriganville Park over this year's Labor Day weekend September 2nd.

Twas great having you join us to watch movies, Bob and isn't is great enjoying them on Paniola's big 7 by 7 foot movie screen. Wow!! But where is the popcorn?...

Cowboy writes that Lake Isabella's water level is so low that Kernville's building foundations can now be seen...

Texas Red and his band had everyone enjoying St. Patrick's Day celebration at Tom Corrigan's restaurant...

Durango recently announced that he will be flying over to Germany to visit family and that he will be retiring from the city of Thousand Oaks on May 28th and moving to Northern California. We are all going to miss your humor and enthusiam for "TRW" Durango, and thank you again for all you have done for the club. Enjoy retirement, TRW Good Buddy...

Iowa writes that he is out of belt buckle making ideas but betcha the new Bob Evans Restaurant in Davenport will inspire him...

I'm in a hurry for spring to arrive like "Miss" Judy...

Keep us advised on the progress on the Niles Film Museum Johnny Mack...

And finally, I had sadly learned the J.D. is about to have prostrate surgery and ask that you keep him in your prayers.

Coming Meetings

May 1st - Paniola's

May 15th - Buck's

June 5th - Paniola's

June 19th - Buck's

All meetings start around 7:30 pm and close around 9:30 pm. "Miss" Theresa invites all the ladies of the Trail Riders attending to come over and we'll talk while the guys watch their movies.

...and so issue number 129 comes to an end and events and news begins for number 130. Like Kansas writes that he has just added another 1890 saddle to his collection. If you have any comments or news you would like for us to include in our issue, please mail then to Jack "Buck" Harding, or give me a call at (805) 522-8472. Looking forward to hearing from ya.

Warm Campfires,



Vol. XII No.I Series No.128
March 2002

The very first activity approved at the Trail Riders' March 6th reorganization meeting was to start publishing a monthly club newsletter again. That the newsletter is to be published, distributed and mailed during the third week of each month, and that no subscription fees need to be paid to receive a copy. The new newsletter will be edited, published and distributed by Trail Riders Don "Dusty" and Charleen "Miss" Maiers. Thanks guys!

There Are More Changes

The reorganization committee also voted and approved on four rules for the club:

1. The club will hold meetings on the first and third Wednesdays of each month with the first meeting being held at Buck's.

2. The club will have no board or directors or officers.

3. There will be no monthly club dues.

4. The funds to print, distribute and mail the club's newsletter will be raised and paid thru funds raised from recycling and sales of club assets and memorabilia.

The Decision Makers

The Trail Riders who discussed reorganizing were Dusty, Stoney, Durango, Paniola, Grizz and Buck. Lone Pine and Bud Buster called and discussed their thoughts and Colorado wrote a two page letter with his thoughts to Dusty which he read to open the March 6th meeting getting discussions and the meeting off to a good start. Trail Rider Buddy Mike Royer, who now lives in Medford Oregon, was at the March 6th meeting as he was visiting Paniola and added much appreciated thoughts on getting the club active again. Thanks Trail Riders for your input and insights that guided the direction of the reorganized "Trail Riders". You made all the decisions much easier to make.

News in the Club

J.D. and "Miss" Sandy are now living their dream of owning a ranch in Idaho.

Texas Red has been busier than ever since he retired in December as one of his songs has been recorded in Nashville and he is now busy promoting his recorded/CD release.

"Miss" Judy is slowly adjusting to living with snow since she moved back to Alabama in time for winter.

Iowa is not letting snow in Davenport keep him from his monthly lunch at "Hometown Buffet".

Lone Pine has been keeping his weekends busy photographing the site of the old "Bell Movie Location Ranch".

All the Trail Riders thank Slick and Sidekick for taking such good care of Mr. & Mrs. Tommy Farrell and Mr. & Mrs. House Peters, Jr. as they provided transportation for them to and from the recent "Rogers" Film Festival.

We're all happy that Golden Grizz, Dusty, Chatsworth, Paniola and Buck are back home and smiling after hospital stays and operations.

The Trail Riders welcome comments, news and short articles for their monthly newsletter. Please address all correspondence to:

Trail Riders of the West
Don "Dusty" Maiers
1218 Alexander St.
Simi Valley, CA 93065

Coming Meetings

April 3rd at Paniola's

April 17th at Buck's

May 1st at Paniola's

May 15th at Buck's

All wives of Trail Rider members are cordially invided by "Miss" Theresa to attend meetings held at Paniola's and they will sit and chat while the guys hoop and holler at the western movie.

That's all the news for this first monthly newsletter Trail Riders. Sure is great being in touch with you again and I'll be back with more news next month and with a very special and exciting offer for you.

Warm Campfires,